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Current Award Recipients

2013 Award Recipients (left to right) LFVA President Sue Sarber, Antonia Fox, Ashley Ellis, Rachna Fraccaro, Learning Forward Trustee and LFVA Professional Learning Services Chair Debbie Jackson, LFVA Past President Judy Newhouse

Professional Learning Advocacy Award

This award has been established to recognize an individual who shows exceptional support for high-quality professional development.
    Recipient: Ashley F. Ellis, York County,
    Coordinator of Licensed Staff Development

    Nominated by: Amy C. Colley
Ashley Ellis stands head and shoulders above her peers in professional learning for a number of reasons. A strong advocate for high-quality professional learning for all educators, Ashley led an effort in the York County School Division to create a cohesive framework for professional learning. This framework includes the building blocks for professional learning, cogent and concise definitions and examples and the five year plan for professional learning in the school division. The framework provides vision and common language for all. In its 2011 accreditation visit the AdvancEd Team cited this framework as an exemplar in its exit report. Ashley proactively advances the influence of professional development organizations by providing leadership and advocacy beyond the constraints of her current job. Finally, Ashley is a valued consultant to other educators and provides customized professional development on a variety of topics.

School Administrator Professional Learning Award

This award recognizes a school administrator who ensures that every educator in his/her school engages in effective professional learning so every student achieves.
    Recipient: Antonia M. Fox, York County,
    Principal of Tabb Middle School

    Nominated by: Ashley F. Ellis
As a school leader, Antonia creates a community of lifelong learners to a degree that is exceptional even among our best administrators. Antonia has been a principal for five years, and lifelong learning – for herself, her students, and her faculty – has always been her focus. When she became principal of York High School in 2008, she introduced the school community to the Y–Mentality, the unique vision for the school that also embedded instructional and division initiatives. The Y–Mentality was her name for the professional learning journey she and her teachers experienced. Antonia's focus on instructional initiatives and building strong relationships helped the school community work together to meet many goals, including reducing discipline referrals from 2009 to 2010 by 40%, meeting AYP all four years she was the principal, and earning the VDOE Competence to Excellence Award two years in a row. When Antonia became principal of Tabb Middle School in July of 2012, she immediately set out to create her "E.Y.E. of the Tiger" professional development plan. Working with limited time and funds, Antonia set out to establish a professional learning plan that would allow her teachers the flexibility necessary to maintain ongoing, job–embedded professional learning for herself and her staff. Antonia created a professional development opportunity for her staff integrating educational best practices in an online format. Antonia's focus on professional learning and the creative ways in which she embeds it into her teachers' existing schedule are exemplary and have created school communities that foster collaboration and lifelong learning.

Teacher-Leader Professional Learning Award

This award recognizes a teacher who is enthusiastic and committed to promoting and demonstrating meaningful learning in his/her school.
    Recipient: Rachna Fraccaro, Arlington,
    Oakridge Elementary School

    Nominated by: Dawn Amin-Arsala
Above the entrance to Rachna's classroom is a banner that reads, "Mrs. Fraccaro's High Achievers." This mantra has adorned her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade doors for the past 6 years. For Rachna this statement is not a belief, but rather a fact. She addresses all her students with this title and then creates an environment in which they realize this truth.

As demonstrated through her various leadership roles, Ms. Fraccaro exudes poise and a commitment to education. Ms. Fraccaro carefully chooses her words when speaking and/or writing; recognizing that words have intended and unintended power and influence. As a result, when Ms. Fraccaro leads a workshop, facilitates a lesson, or participates in a conversation; she is thoughtful, reflective, and articulate- inviting the attention and participation of others.

Rachna shared, " 'Celebrate what you've accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed' (Mia Hamm). She focuses on not becoming complacent with success – that you must always push yourself to reflect on how you can continue to improve (in our case, as educators and how you encourage that reflection in your students as lifelong learners!)" Rachna Fraccaro is a master teacher, but she is also a devoted student. Rachna is the perfect role model for students, other teachers, as well as our school community.