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Stetching Your Learning Legs Cover Jennifer Abrams 2021

Please enjoy this complimentary excerpt from Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing (Up) at Work

LEARN MORE about this title, and learn what we mean by you finding your “learning edge.”

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Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing (Up) at Work, with Jennifer Abrams

At this moment in time when things are ever shifting, it is critically important that we strive to develop ourselves, not just as educators, but as human beings. What can we do to be bigger and better versions of ourselves as collaborative team members and as leaders? This workshop, based on Jennifer’s new book, Stretching Your Learning Edges: Growing (Up) at Work, will introduce us to adult developmental theory and to five focused ways we can develop ourselves at work.

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Brought to you by: Learning Forward Virginia with Jennifer Abrams as the presenter / facilitator

Webinar Cost: Early Bird – $150 | After Dec. 18 – $175

The workshops are virtual and registration is required. The cost of the workshop is $175 and includes a free eBook with life time access. A special code for this will be given to access. Information about eBook is found here.

Feb 2 and Feb 23, 2022
4:00pm – 6:30pm

Both of these dates are on Wednesdays. This is a two part workshop with time in-between to network and discuss issues/concerns in-between.

Each registrant will also have the opportunity to interact with Jennifer and each other.

We will build our skills to:

  • know ourselves and our identities
  • better suspend our certainty and think with greater complexity and openness
  • take increased responsibility for our language and communications
  • engage with reciprocity and live ‘out loud’ our belief of mutual respect for all
  • build our resiliency and work on our emotional hygiene

Please join us to consider what it means, in practice, to grow (up) – to develop our skills and capacities as lead learners in our schools.

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