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The membership of the Learning Forward Virginia is composed of teachers, principals, specialists, staff development personnel, directors, professors, and educational consultants. Membership is open to any person from Virginia who is interested in professional development and the achievement of students.

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Gain access to the most up-to-date information on professional learning.


Grow professionally through educational program offerings.


Promote a greater appreciation for the impact of educator learning on student learning.


Strengthen professional learning so that teaching, leadership, and student success improve.


Make a difference in your own school, district, and state.


Influence state and school system policies and practices related to professional learning.


Network and form relationships with other professionals as part of a learning community.


Grow as a leader and offer your leadership skills.


Foster and maintain a code of ethics for professional practice.


Be affiliated with an organization that is recognized internationally as the premier voice for professional learning.

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Teacher Helping Pupils

our ideas as a member of the Board are sought. You have your own perspectives and experiences, which will help Learning Forward Virginia function as a viable organization in a time of constant change in education.

Please feel free to talk to any Board member or add ideas/thoughts/issues to our meeting agendas. Do not hesitate to draft a proposal and submit it to the board.

At meetings, all members listen first to understand (Covey), propose ideas in a spirit of inquiry, and do not hesitate to ask people to help you understand what they are saying.

Thank you for taking part in Learning Forward Virginia, an organization on the move!